BIND variables

col sid format 9999999999
 col username format a8
 col sql_hash_value format 999999999999
 col sqlid format a14
 col sql_child_number format 9
 col name format a4
 col value_string format a15
 col last_captured format a25
 select s.sid,
 from v$sql_bind_capture spc, v$session s,v$sql sq
 where s.sql_hash_value = spc.hash_value
 and s.sql_address = spc.address
 and sq.sql_id=s.sql_id
 and spc.was_captured='YES'
 --and s.type<>'BACKGROUND'
 --and s.status='ACTIVE'
 and s.sql_id='&sql_id';

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