Install EM13c in silent mode

Suppose you have already the server created.

As root user install the necessary packages for EM13c:

yum install make -y
yum install binutils -y
yum install gcc -y
yum install libaio -y
yum install glibc-common -y
yum install libstdc++ -y
yum install libXtst -y
yum install sysstat -y
yum install glibc -y
yum install glibc-devel -y
yum install glibc-devel.i686 -y

Create the necessary folders (as oracle)

mkdir –p /app/oraInventory
mkdir -p /app/oracle/em13c/middleware
mkdir -p /app/oracle/em13c/agent13c
mkdir -p /app/oracle/em13c/gc_inst
mkdir -p /app/oracle/em13c/swlib

Run the installer (if you don’t have enough tmp space one can use

Don’t forget to make the em13200_linux64.bin executable: 

chmod u+x em13200_linux64.bin

If you don’t have enough tmp space don’t forget to create the path where you have space:

mkdir -p /app/em13-temp

Get the response file and edit it:

[oracle@oms13c]$  ./em13200_linux64.bin -getResponseFileTemplates -outputLoc /app/oracle/media


Launcher log file is /app/em13-temp/OraInstall2018-05-23_10-10-54AM/launcher2018-05-23_10-10-54AM.log.

Copying response file template(s)

to /app2/oracle/media ...

  Copying response file template software_only.rsp

  Copying response file template new_install.rsp

  Copying response file template upgrade.rsp

Finished copying response file template(s)

The log(s) can be found here: /app/em13-temp/OraInstall2018-05-23_10-10-54AM.

Make a copy of it and make sure u remove all the “” :

cp new_install.rsp my_new_install.rsp
vi my_new_install.rsp

Now you’re good to run the installer and wait for about 2h 🙂 :

[oracle@oms13c]$./em13200_linux64.bin -silent -ignoreSysPrereqs -responseFile /responsefile-location/my_new_install.rsp


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